Week 21 – Topographic Maps

1) Topographic Map

1)               A map that shows the space and elevation and features of the land surface using contour lines.

2) Elevation

1)               The height of the land above sea level, also called altitude.

3) Contour Line

A line on a map that connects points of equal elevation.

4) Contour Interval

1)              The difference in elevation between any two contour lines on a topographic map.

5) Index Contour A darker contour line that is usually marked with a number indicating the elevation of that line. 
6) Depression

1)           a closed loop with hachure’s (dashes) inside indicating a dip in a flat surface or area.

7) Hachure Marks

1)               The short lines on a depression contour.

8) Sea level

1)              The height of the ocean midway between high tide and low tide.  Elevation zero!

9) Relief

1)              the difference in elevation between the highest and the lowest parts of an area

10) Topography

1)              the study of the Earth's surface, shapes, & elevation with detailed descriptions of land surfaces.


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