Week 20 – Plate Tectonics 2

1) Convection Current

1)               Current caused by the expansion of a liquid, solid, or gas as its temperature rises. The expanded material, being less dense, rises, while colder, denser material sinks.

2) Viscosity

1)               a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow (Ex: water has a lower viscosity than molasses and flows more easily)

3) Uplift

vertical elevation of the Earth's surface in response to natural cause

4) Seafloor Spreading

1)               a process in which new ocean floor is created as molten material from the earth's mantle rises in margins between plates or ridges and spreads out

5) Fault a crack within Earth’s rocky crust, where rock has been fractured, and where rocks move past each other.
6) Mid Ocean Ridge

1)               an undersea mountain range that forms where two parts of Earth’s crust are pushing apart.

7) Trench

1)               a long narrow steep-sided depression in the earth's oceanic crust, usually lying above a subduction zone

8) Rift Valley a lowland region that forms where Earth's tectonic plates move apart
9) Volcano An opening in the earth's crust from which lava, ash, and hot gases flow or are ejected during an eruption.

10) Earthquake

a shaking or trembling of the earth that is volcanic or tectonic in origin.


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