Week 14 Physics

1) Friction The force that keeps two objects from just sliding past each other is they are touching.

2) Force

A push or a pull.

3) Acceleration

Speeding up, slowing down, or changing direction.

4)  Velocity

Speed with a direction
5) Speed How fast something is moving.  How far it goes and the amount of time it takes (S = D/T)
6) Balanced Forces Equal forces on an object that cause no motion.
7) Unbalanced Forces Forces acting on an object which cause it to move.  One force must be greater than the other.
8) Potential Energy The energy an object has when not moving.  This is stored energy waiting to be released when the object moves.   The higher something is the more potential it has.  
9) Kinetic Energy The energy of motion.  The faster something is moving and more mass it has, the more kinetic energy.

10) Gravity

A force of attraction between any two things that occurs because of their mass.  More mass = more gravity.  More distance = less gravity.


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