Week 10 – Periodic Table 2

1) Noble Gases Elements in Group 18 which do not react with other elements.  They are all gases.  They are inert.  (SNOBS!!!)

2) Alkali Metals

All of the elements in Group 1.  Silvery solids, low densities, low melting points.  Very reactive!!

3) Mendeleev

A Russian chemist who devised the Periodic Table, which shows the relationships between the chemical elements. Known as the father of the Periodic Table


The acronym for remembering the elements that are in organic compounds.
5) APE  MAN The acronym for helping to determine the number of subatomic particles in an atom.
6) Chemistry The investigation of matter such as solids, liquids, and gases.  Their properties and the ways in which  they interact, combine, and change.
7) Hydrogen Has 1-proton and 1-electron.  Mass of 1.    The only element that has no neutrons.  It is the simplest and lightest element.  Very flammable!!
8) Oxygen Has 8-protons, 8-electrons, and 8 neutrons.  Mass of 16.  21% of the earth’s atmosphere.  Supports life.
9) Carbon Has 6-protons, 6-electrons, and 6 neutrons.  Mass of 12.  Exists and carbon and diamond it its pure form.  Can be found in all known forms of life.

10) Nitrogen

Has 7-protons, 7 electrons, and 7 neutrons.  Mass of 14.  Makes up 78% of the atmosphere. 


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