Week 9 Periodic Table

1) Periodic Table A chart where all elements are organized in columns and rows according to their properties.

2) Group

Vertical column of elements in the periodic table in which elements have certain properties in common. (Also called a Family)

3) Period

A horizontal row of elements in the periodic table arranged by atomic number.

4) Metal 

Elements with a shiny surface that conduct heat and electricity well. Left side of periodic table.
5) Nonmetal Any element on the periodic table that does not have the characteristics of a metal. Right side of the periodic table.
6) Metalloid Elements on the stair step in the periodic table which have some properties of being metal and some properties of being nonmetals. 
7) Inert Having little or no ability to react. Chemically inactive.  The Noble Gases
8) Reactivity The tendency of substances to go through a chemical change.  
9) Representative Elements Elements in the tall groups.  (Groups 1, 2 and 13-18) They include metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.

10) Transition Elements

Elements in the short groups. (Groups 3-12) All of them are metals.


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