Week 4 Measurement

1) Mass  How much matter is in something.  (similar to weight, only no gravity)

2) Volume

The amount of space something takes up.

3) Density

How much stuff is packed into a certain area.  Mass/Volume = Density

4) Meniscus

The curved top of a liquid in a graduated cylinder.
5) Displacement How much a liquid moves because something is added to it. 
6) Immerse The place an object in liquid until it is completely covered.
7) Weight  A measurement of the force of gravity on an object that has mass.
8) Apparatus The equipment or materials for a specific use or job.
9) SI unit A System of physical units adopted for International use.  Meters-Length, Kilograms- mass, and liters-volume, (there are many more)

10) Length

The measurement of an object or space from end to end. 


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