Lab Safety

Lab Safety is something we take VERY seriously. This for the protection of each and every student! Students must understand what the proper and improper procedures are in order for their behavior to NOT create an unsafe environment. If a student has improper behavior or gives the teacher ANY reason to believe they cannot be trusted then that student is excluded from the laboratory! LABS ARE A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT! It is the teachers discretion on any given day as to whether a student may participate or not. 

As a part of our beginning of the year procedures a "Safety Contract" is sent home with each student. It is the students responsibility to go over the contract with their parents. Both the student and parent must sign the contract in order for the student to be eligible to participate in ANY lab.

There is a full set of appropriate safety equipment in our laboratory and classroom. The teacher goes over the locations and proper operating procedures of each piece of equipment before sending the Safety contract home with the student.

To get a copy of this contract simply choose the appropriate contract below and click on it. This Contract was written by ECISD, and must be followed by teachers and students.

Safety Contract

Parent Contract and Answer Sheet


What-Sa-Matta Lab Worksheet


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