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You may use one of the following search engines to complete your Weather Wander, or you may choose to find other search engines to complete the tables below. Use the information found during these searches to fill in the tables) and answer the questions below. Hit the submit button at the end when you have completed your Weather Wander.


Question Based Searching
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Range of wind speed


Center of the hurricane


Ocean Water Temperature


Range in Latitude


When is hurricane season


Who currently names hurricanes


Other  names for  hurricanes


Highest Category for a hurricane




Wind Speeds


Length of Damage Path


Average number per year


What is a waterspout


When is tornado season


What time of day do they happen


Do we live in tornado alley


How many tornadoes occur in the alley


Highest Scale for a tornado



Winter Storms

How many sides are on a snowflake


How many crystals in a snowflake


What is wind chill


What is frostbite



Type of Cloud

Description (from website)

Looks like… (from YOU)













































Size of raindrops


Speed of falling raindrops


What is the #1 weather related killer in US


What percent are in cars


What is radar




Number it kills and injures each year


How hot is lightning


What color is lightning


How do you know if lightning is near


How do you tell the distance to lightning




What is wind


What is the Jet stream


What are trade winds


What are doldrums


How can wind help the Earth


What description is given to wind at 10 on the Beaufort scale




75 degrees Fahrenheit = ?? Celsius


35 degrees Celsius = ?? Fahrenheit


What is wind chill index


What is heat index


122 degrees would have what affect on the body


What is the temperature in Odessa NOW




Part of the Climate System

What it is










Optical Illusions

Why is the sky blue


What is a rainbow


Can a rainbow appear at night


What are northern lights


How high up are the lights actually


What is a blue moon


What is a mirage



Weather Instruments


Used for

Looks like