Week 26 Vocabulary
1) DNA The material in the nucleus of a cell that carries genetic information about all living systems.
2) Genes a piece of DNA molecule that serves as a basic unit of heredity.  Genes control characteristics.
3) Chromosomes The small bodies in the nucleus of a cell that carry chemical instructions for reproduction in the cell (DNA)
4) Heredity The passing of traits from parents to offspring.
5) Dominant Describes a trait that covers over, or dominates, another for of that trait. 
6) Recessive Describes a trait that is covered over by a dominant trait and seems to disappear.
7) Allele Single letter that represents a gene for a single trait; can be dominant or recessive.
8) Punnett Square A table used to predict the probability of certain traits in offspring that shows the different ways alleles can combine.
9) Genotype The two alleles which represent a trait.  One letter from mom and one from dad.  The genetic code.
10) Phenotype Outward physical appearance (what you see) and behavior of an organism.  Explains the Genotype.  



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