Week 25 Vocabulary
1) Recycling The process by which used materials are transformed into new products.
2) Composting Mixing together leaves, grass clippings, table scraps, and soil and allowing the mixture to decompose into mulch that is high in nutrients and useful to fertilize gardens and flower beds.
3) Pesticide any chemical used for control of plant or animal pests EX: insects
4) Biodegradable Capable of being decomposed (broken down) by natural biological processes.
5) Toxic Waste A waste that can produce injury if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin.
6) Pollution Unwanted chemicals or other materials in water, air, or on land that can harm health, environment, or property.
7) Renewable Resources that have the ability to replenish themselves by natural means without being depleted.
8) Nonrenewable Once itís been used up itís gone.
9) Fossil Fuel Fuels formed from decayed plants ad animals  EX:  oil, coal, natural gas
10) Conservation The preservation of resources through efficient and careful use.



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