Week 24 Vocabulary
1) Photosynthesis The process plants us to convert carbon dioxide and water into food and oxygen.
2) Salinity A measurement representing the amount of salt dissolved in ocean water.
3) Surface Current Rivers of water that move through the oceanís surface.   These are determined by wind and the coriolis effect.
4) Upwelling A current that brings cold water and nutrients from the bottom of the ocean up to the top.
5) Tide Rise and fall of  sea level caused by the gravitational pull between the Earth and moon.
6) Wave A disturbance in liquids that has a crest and a trough but only carries energy along, not matter.
7) Wavelength The distance between two troughs or 2 crests of a wave.
8) Wave height The distance between the crest and trough of a single wave.
9) Crest The highest point on any wave in a liquid.
10) Trough The lowest point on any wave in liquid.



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