Week 23 Vocabulary
1) Meteorology Branch of science dealing with the atmosphere and weather
2) Evaporation A change in the state of matter from a liquid to a gas.
3) Condensation A change in the state of matter from a gas to a liquid.
4) Precipitation Rain, Snow, Sleet and Hail. These are the four forms of water falling from clouds.
5) Transpiration When the water in the leaves of plants is evaporated into the atmosphere.
6) Cloud Groups of tiny water droplets around a nucleus of dust hanging in the atmosphere.
7) Wind Air movement caused by differences in air pressure and temperature.
8) Latitude A measurement of the distance North or South of the Equator. The higher the latitude, the colder it tends to be.
9) Elevation A measurement of the height above sea level.
10) Topography Refers to points of equal elevation on land features. Drawn as lines on a contour map.



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