Week 22 Vocabulary
1) Greenhouse effect When gases such as CO2 trap heat from the Sun and cause the temperature of the atmosphere to rise.
2) Global Warming A rise in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere due to the increase in certain gases in the atmosphere.
3) Tornado A violent rotating funnel shaped column of air which reaches speeds of 300 mph on average.
4) Hurricane An intense tropical storm that forms over 80° water and has sustained winds of 74 mph or greater.
5) Thunderstorm A form of weather that has lightning and thunders and is produced from a cumulonimbus cloud.
6) Fog A cloud in contact with the ground
7) Cloud A visible mass of condensed droplets or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere.
8) Cumulonimbus Towering thunderstorm cloud, shaped like an anvil, that can produce heavy rain, lightning, high winds, hail, and sometimes tornadoes.
9) Cumulus A dense white fluffy, flat based, cloud with a bulging upper portion that resembles a large bundle of cotton balls.
10) Cirrus A high cloud made of ice crystals that appear thin and featherlike.



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