Week 20 Vocabulary
1) Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Cycle Model showing how carbon dioxide and oxygen are passed back and forth between plants and animals.
2) Nitrogen Cycle Model showing how nitrogen is moved around within an ecosystem.
3) Water Cycle Model showing how water is transferred by evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
4) Rock Cycle Model showing how rocks slowly change from one rock type to another rock type over time.
5) Atmosphere Layer of air surrounding the earth which is made up of thin layers of gases, solids, and liquids.
6) Troposphere Layer of the earth’s atmosphere closest to the ground.
7)Ionosphere Layer of electrically charged particles in the thermosphere, reflects radio waves.
8) Ultraviolet Radiation Energy that comes from the sun, can cause skin damage and cancer.
9) Ozone Layer Layer in the Stratosphere with a high concentration of ozone.
10) Chlorofluorocarbon Molecules of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon that destroy ozone molecules.



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