Week 19 Vocabulary
1) Volcano Hill or mountain formed by the build up of lava and other debris.
2) Shield Volcano Volcano that is very wide and flat formed by continuous lava flows and few explosive eruptions.
3) Cinder Cone Volcano Volcano made up of loose materials that were ejected (spit) from the vent.
4) Composite Cone/Stratovolcano Volcano made of alternating layers of ash and lava.  Create the most explosive eruptions.
5) Subduction When two tectonic plates collide and one plate is forced below the other plates.
6) Vent The opening in a volcano where magma rises and flows out of the volcano as lava.
7) Crater Bowl shaped impression sitting at the top of the vent in a volcano.
8) Aa Aa Lava that, due to itís properties, becomes very jagged and sharp as it cools.
9) Pahoehoe Lava that is more smooth or ropy when cooled and solid.
10) Ring of Fire An area encircling the Pacific Plate which has most of Earthís volcanoes and much earthquake activity.



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