Week 16 Vocabulary
1) Intrusive Igneous rocks that are formed from magma below the Earth’s surface (or IN the earth).
2) Extrusive Igneous rocks that form from lava when it exits the Earth’s interior.
4) Viscosity a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. 
High viscosity = Honey
Low viscosity = Water
9) Compaction The process of a material being more closely packed together by some force.
10) Cementation When smaller pieces of rock get stuck together, by the minerals dissolved in water, and form a larger rock.
6. Continental Drift The theory proposed by Alfred Wegener that all of the continents of the Earth were once joined in one super continent 200 million years ago.
7. Pangaea This is the name given to the theoretical landmass which existed when all of the continents were joined together. It means “All Earth”
8. Sea Floor Spreading The theory proposed my Hess that the Ocean plates are floating away from each other due to convection, allowing magma to rise between them and form new ocean crust.

9. Plate Tectonics 

The theory that the Earth’s crust is not once solid piece like an eggshell but rather broken pieces that float and move around due to convection in the mantle
10. Plate One large section of the Earths crust along the mantle directly beneath it that moves around due to convection currents in the Mantle.



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