Week 12 Vocabulary

1) Chemical Reaction

A process that results in a new substance when two or more chemical substances
2) Chemical Equation A way of writing changes in the arrangement of atoms during a chemical reaction, using chemical symbols.
3) Reactant Substance(s) that exist before a chemical reaction takes place.  Itís what you start with on the left side of the equation.
4) Product A compound or element that is the result of a chemical reaction.  Itís what you end up with on the right side of the equation.
5) Catalyst A substance that helps start or speed up a reaction between two other substances, without being changed by the reaction.
6) Inhibitor A substance that slows down a reaction.
7) Subscript A number below and to the right of a symbol, telling how many atoms of that element there are in that molecule.
8) Rate of Reaction How fast a reaction takes place.
9) Activation Energy The amount of energy needed to start a reaction.
10) Semiconductor A substance that can  conduct electricity.  Not as well as a metal, but better than a nonmetal.


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