Week 10 Vocabulary
1) Representative
Elements in the tall groups (groups 1,2 and 13-18).  They include metals, nonmetals, and metalloids.
2) Transition Elements  Elements in the short groups (groups 3-12).  All are metals.
3) Lanthanide Series Elements 57-71.  This is the portion of Period 6 that usually appears below the rest of the Periodic Table.  Very soft metals that are hard to tell apart.
4) Actinide Series Elements 90-103.  This is the portion of Period 7 that usually appears below the rest of the Periodic Table.  All of these elements are radioactive.
5) Alkali Metals All of the elements in Group 1.  Silvery solids, low densities, low melting points.
6) Halogens Elements in Group 17 which are very reactive.  They are all nonmetals.  They combine with Group 1 to form salt.
7) Nobel Gases Elements in Group 18 which do not react with other elements.  They are all gases (SNOBS!!!)
8) Synthetic Elements Elements made by man in a lab.  They do not occur in nature.
9) Compound A substance containing two or more different elements which are chemically combined.  It has different properties than the elements itís made of.
10) Molecule The smallest part of a substance that still has the same properties as that substance.  It is made of more than one atom.



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