Week 6 Vocabulary
1) Conclusion  The last part of something.  A final summing up.
2) Classify  To arrange in or assign to classes (groups)
3) Interpret   To explain something the way you understand it.
4) Analysis To break apart the whole to better understand it.
5) Prediction

To say what you believe will happen.

6) Compare To look for similarities and differences.
7) Contrast To compare two things to show differences between them.
8) Newton ís 1st Law Something that is moving will keep moving, and something that is not moving will  not move unless something makes it.
9) Newton ís 2nd Law 

An object will move if a greater force is applied to it. (F = MA)  It can slow down, speed up, or change direction.

10) Newton ís 3rd Law

For every force there is a reaction that is equal in size and opposite in direction.  When you push an object it pushes back.


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