Week 5 Vocabulary
1) Theory An idea backed by actual results from experiments.
2) Law A rule stating something that always works in the same way under the same conditions.
3) Hypothesis A prediction that can be tested by experiment or observation. An educated guess.
4) Observation An act of gathering information using all of your senses.
5) Inference

Conclusions or explanations drawn from evidence.  Not seen directly

6) Scientific Method Step-by-step procedures of scientific problem solving which can include identifying the problem, forming and testing hypothesis, analyzing test results, and drawing conclusions.
7) Independent
The part of the experiment that the experimenter changes or controls.  Also called manipulated variable. (I, man, change this)
8) Dependent Variable The part of the experiment that you measure.  Your results.  It changes because it depends on the independent variable.   Also called responding variable.
9) Constant

The part of the experiment that always stays the same.

10) Control

The part of the experiment that you use for comparing. (a constant not used in the experiment, kept only to use for comparing)


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