Supplies for 8th Grade Science



1) Mead 3 Subject Spiral Science Bible- everything important goes in here
2) Dry Erase Markers Saves us both time an paper, you write on plastic
3) Glue Sticks To shorten notes- I print , you glue in and fill in
4) Red Pen For grading purposes only
5) Pencils (1 box) I accept NOTHING in pen!
6) Colored Pencils For coloring in pictures in lab and periodic table
7) Loose Leaf Paper (1 pkg) For work not in spiral. No tearing allowed!
8) Binder (school or separate 1 inch) To carry all supplies other than spiral
9) Pencil Bag To keep up with small loose supplies


scissors for cutting papers to glue into spiral
ruler (with metrics) for measuring and drawing straight lines
highlighters for use with strategies and test taking
glossy plastic document covers keeping important papers like periodic table
pencil sharpener my sharpener may not always work